KRO is an acronym for Kyle Represents Originality, Barz indicative of his lyrical ability as a MC. It’s just barz on barz! Hailing from the streets of Parkwood, Cape Town, South Africa., the Cape Flats inspires his lyrical content with diverse flow structures acquired through 11 years of working at his art. Kyle Judd Lincoln Filman, born 12 November 1994, is a songwriter and performance artist in the genres of R&B and Hip-hop. KRO-Barz was born on 21 March 2020, when a video a friend made of Kyle rapping, was posted online. This is where Kyle’s life changed as the video went viral and had industry searching for him in Parkwood. It took a social lockdown due to a pandemic to open the doors for Kyle with KRO-Barz.

With over 900 000 views collectively on his social media video content, this artists talent is undeniable. KRO-Barz is officially released his debut single titled “MAL” and a flow up single titled “Why”, which are available for purchase and download in our music store. He is currently signed to Rebelution Music & Media and is set to release more music before the end of 2020. Kro-Barz is set for success. His music, talent, lyrics and bars speak for itself and he has already won over the hearts and ears of the Cape Flats.